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French manufacturer of isolating blankets

Calomatech offers high-quality removable thermal insulation blankets solutions for hot system components and high temperature applications (steam, condensate, hot water,…). 

Let's optimize your energy with thermal insulation blankets

French manufacturer of custom-made thermal insulation blankets, we support you from the report about your hot components insulation to the on site installation. We custom designed conception of insulation, phonic or heating blankets, with French manufacturing in our industrial sewing workshops. They are custom designed into a form fitting precisely around the hot components (pipes, valves, boilers and more). Our activity extends worldwide.
Insulation blankets by Calomatech improve energy efficiency, fafety and lowers utility bills.

The advantage of the thermal insulation blanket is that it makes maintenance activities easier (easy to set up and remove). The quality of the material used allows an excellent restistance to heat, cold, sun, water, and chemical attacks and protects staff from industrial risks.

Calomatech, des matelas isolants thermiques pour la robinetterie industrielle et les machines
Fabrication dans nos ateliers en Normandie.

A French custom-made production

From the choice of materials used to the design of the custom-made thermal insulation blanket, the entire process is made in our industrial sewing factory based in Normandy.

In order to draw up a quotation adapted to your heat networks, our team carries out the on site measurements and presents you with the appropriate insulation solution.

We insulate all types of heat transfer elements:

  • Flanged valves
  • Steam traps
  • Boiler doors
  • Filters
  • Flanges
  • Heat exchangers
  • Condensate pumps
  • Condensate tanks
  • Superheaters
  • Steam cylinders
  • Control valves
  • Compressors
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Engines and motors
  • Compensators

What is the benefits of thermal insulation blankets?

The insulation blankets are flexible and easy to set up, which optimises maintenance activities. Unlike traditional box insulation, we need only one person to dismantle and reassemble the insulation blanket in a few seconds, without tools.

Insulation of a valve with a shaped thermal insulation blanket
Remove thermal bridges

When your heat transfer fluids (steam, hot water, organic fluids, etc.) pass through a valve, heat escapes from the pipe and the temperature drops. This is called a thermal bridge. Thanks to our thermal insulation blankets, you can keep your heat network at the right temperature at the valves.

Energy savings

Thanks to a good pipe insulation, you can easily improve your energy performance and make financial savings.

Decrease of the temperature in technical facilities

By limiting heat loss, you also reduce the temperature in the technical facilities.

Frost protection

When the fluids in your pipes freeze, your fittings swell and can fail under pressure.

staff safety

The quality of the material used allows an excellent restistance to heat, cold, sun, water, and chemical attacks and protects staff from industrial risks.

A responsible company

Rigour and advice

Why should you work with us?

Made in France

All of our thermal insulation blankets are made to measure in our workshops in Normandy (France). Without having to resort to subcontracting, we are able to control our supply times for insulating equipment. This also allows us to limit the carbon footprint linked to the transport of our products to our customers’ sites.

Energy optimization

The demand for energy is increasing exponentially, so it is necessary to reduce our energy consumption as much as possible. During a diagnosis, we can determine any insulation defects in your heat networks. Our flexible insulation solutions ensure that your installations will function efficiently in the long term. You can benefit from around 10 to 25% reduction in energy consumption in the first year.

Responsible commitment

The implementation of good practices can significantly improve the overall energy performance of your heat networks. Adequate insulation of industrial installations is an essential ecological factor in the reduction of CO2 emissions.  

Highly skilled team

As a reliable company in the industrial thermal insulation market, our team has more than 15 years of experience in the field of industrial sewing. Thanks to our skills and our knowledge of your industrial processes, we can offer you adapted solutions in order to make you energy saving quickly.

THE NORM NF DTU 45-2 P1-1 Prefabricated and flexible thermal insulation blankets

These are flexible, padded, made-to-measure, consisting of a fabric envelope filled with insulation, the whole being adapted to the operating temperature of the heat network. Thermal insulation blankets are held in place by hooks and lacing threads or by straps and buckles.  

NOTE: For thermal insulation blankets installed outdoor, special provisions are made to resist weathering and solar radiation: choice of fabric and stitching thread.

Our commitments

We offer our products for the insulation of industrial fittings but also for the industrial insulation of machines (boiler fronts, plate heat exchangers,…).

  • A single contact person for each customer project
  • On-site technical quotation of the singular points
  • On-site installation of thermal insulation blankets
  • Follow-up and after-sales service
  • Quality commitment 

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