Ensure optimum and complete insulation of your networks

Our insulating thermal blankets enable you to optimise your energy on your networks (steam, hot water, etc.) in a neutral or aggressive environment.

A full range

Our range of 100% French products covers all your needs.

Our company

Calomatech is a French manufacturer and installer of insulating blankets.

We are a French manufacturer and installer of made-to-measure insulating blankets, with an international presence. We can support you from the design of your network insulation to on-site installation. We design made-to-measure insulating or heating mattresses, manufactured in France in our workshops.

Our workshop

Bespoke products

From the choice of materials used to the design of the made-to-measure insulation blankets, the entire process is managed in our workshops based in Normandy.

In order to draw up an estimate tailored to your networks, our team will take the quotations, carry out the thermal calculations and present you with the insulation solution that’s right for you.

We insulate all types of heat transfer elements: flanged valves, steam traps, taps, filters, flanges, steam barrels, pumps, flange sets, by-pass valves, compensators, exhaust manifolds, etc.

What you stand to gain

Why use our thermal insulation blankets?

Improve the performance of your networks

Our thermal insulation blankets insulate your networks to limit energy loss.

When your vapours, thermal and/or organic fluids pass through a valve, the temperature changes. With our insulating blankets, you can keep your network at the same temperature as the valves.

The insulating mattress also reduces condensation on the measuring equipment. The ultimate aim of this insulation is above all to improve the performance of your networks by maintaining heat, fluidity and a constant load level.

Ensure the safety of your staff

Installing our insulating mattresses ensures the safety of your staff. Flexible, removable insulation mattresses make maintenance easier, thanks to rapid assembly. Our quality raw materials ensure excellent resistance to heat, cold, sun, water and chemical aggression, protecting staff from the risk of burns.

Optimise maintenance activities

The insulation mattresses are flexible and can be dismantled, optimising maintenance activities. Unlike traditional box lagging, a single person can dismantle and reassemble the insulation blanket in a matter of seconds, without tools.

Save money

Insulating your fittings, such as taps, valves, filters and flanges, can help you make substantial energy savings. Our insulation blankets are designed to insulate your steam, hot water, thermal oil and organic fluid networks between 20 and 1000°C. Valves have a much larger surface area than a pipe of the same diameter. By insulating them, you can save up to €540 on average on a single valve (over a year’s operation). We offer you an alternative to traditional insulation using aluminium cans.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Insulation blankets offer a clean and practical solution for insulation, as they do not produce waste during frequent assembly and disassembly. What’s more, their installation reduces the carbon footprint and helps to preserve the environment.

Keep your networks frost-free

When fluids freeze in your networks, your valves and fittings swell and can break under pressure.

CEE bonuses

Finance your energy-saving work with CEE incentives

We offer a range of solutions to help you identify energy-saving opportunities on your site through the installation of insulation blankets.

Our industrial valve insulation products meet the eligibility criteria for the CEE grant. We will carry out the simulations and draw up the grant applications for you.

We can suggest reliable partners to help you estimate the amount of your CEE grant.

EWCs enable you to get a very rapid return on your investment.

To find out more about C.E.E, you can consult the national register of Energy Saving Certificates.

Years of experience


compliant work (COFRAC control office)

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Case studies

Our achievements

Find out more about the contexts in which we operate, what our teams do and the results they achieve.

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"Talent wins victories, but teamwork and collective intelligence win championships."

Michael Jordan

“As a new customer, I was impressed by CALOMATECH’s professionalism and attention to detail in the production of their insulation mattresses. The visit to their workshop, guided by their manager, highlighted their commitment to quality and the ‘made in France’ culture.”


Account manager

“On several of our customers’ sites, we work with Calomatech to provide insulation solutions for heating networks and certain technical equipment. The flexibility and responsiveness of the teams, the quality of the products manufactured in France and the monitoring of the site from quotation to installation make Calomatech a top-quality partner.”


Director of Environment and Energy

“As the syndic of the Le Hameau residence in CAEN, we are very satisfied with the insulation work carried out by your company. The co-owners were very pleased with your professionalism and the quality of the materials used. Thank you for all your hard work.”


Resident manager



Executive assistant



Industrial designer



Technical sales representative







Our team

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and personalised customer relationships. Do these values speak to you?

The Calomatech service

Comprehensive support

a single point of contact

You benefit from a single point of contact for each new project. We don’t use any subcontractors, so that we retain total control of the process, from A to Z.


We carry out on-site quotations and the entire process is managed in our workshops based in Normandy: from the choice of materials used to the design of the made-to-measure blanket.


Our sales staff are mobile throughout France. They will be happy to meet you at your offices.


At your request, our technicians can carry out the installation on site or accompany you through the process in complete safety.


Our industrial valve insulation products are eligible. We’ll carry out simulations and draw up the CEE (Energy Savings Contracts) file for you.


We monitor our products and make sure we find the right solution for your needs, so that you are fully satisfied with our service.

Case studies

They trust us

Industry: pharmaceutical, food, automotive, aeronautical, aerospace, chemical, petrochemical, nuclear, plastics. Services: hospitals, nursing homes, aquatic centres, schools, offices. Residential : social landlords, retirement homes, condominiums. District heating networks : local authorities, operators. Shipowners and shipyards…

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